Sunday, December 26, 2010

"permanent" is an idea

Q: Ok dude, lay it out on me.
I realised the lie. This liberated state only last two weeks. And those two weeks were fucking amazing.
But I kept going back and forth. Constantly. Four months on...the same things that made me realise it have no effect on me now.
I realise the delusion of self but it has not sticked.
Is McKenna's autolysis the only way to fully perminate the state?
I don't understand how reading Tolle will deepen the state either.

A: Clarity is a moment by moment affair.
"Permanent" is an idea.

All images/ideas are just that.
See them as they arise and there will be no confusion.

The memory of the two amazing weeks may lead to searching again.
The search is based on ideas only.

This moment is all there is.
All projected problems and successes are just ideas.
Searching is the result of not seeing this.

This needs to be seen now.
This cannot be stored.

McKenna and Tolle are phonies - don't trust what they sell.
Sometimes what they say is true, but that's just because they are repeating what they have 'learned' from others.

I will substantiate these statements in the coming days.
A quick example - UG Krishnamurti and McKenna have totally incompatible 'teachings'.
Yet McKenna states him as an example.