Monday, October 18, 2010

the idea of me

Reach down and grab your ankles and try and lift yourself off the ground.

Doesn't work does it?
Do you know why?

It's because you have no leverage.
Leverage means one force acting upon another force.
You need 2 separate entities for one to be able to lift the other.

Stand still and walk at the same time.

Not possible is it?

Lay down and stand up at the same time.
Eat a steak and be vegetarian.
Shout and make no noise.
Make love and be celibate.

It's obvious isn't it?
These conditions cannot exist at the same time.

So isn't it interesting that when we're angry we try not to be?
When we're sad we try to be happy.
When we're lonely we try to fill that void.

Remember the lifting yourself off the ground idea?
Trying to act upon an emotional state is impossible for exactly the same reason.
There aren't in fact 2 separate things here.
There's no me separate from the anger.
There's no me separate from the sadness.

There's only what is, whether that be anger or sadness.

The idea of me who acts on my anger is just an illusion.
The idea of me who will find an everlasting satisfactory state, is just an illusion.
The idea of me is just that, an idea.

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