Monday, October 4, 2010


For those who are willing to explore, the following exercise can have tremendous impact:

Observe nature without naming it; observe a tree or flower or rocks or lichen or whatever is available.
Explore observing without naming.
The shape, the texture, the smell, the play of light, the movement in the breeze or the stillness……. Just observe.

When there is a very clear sense of observation without naming, observe your body.

Observe the breath, the movement of the body as it breathes, the sensations in the nose and throat, there may be audible sound, observe the contact with the ground or seat or bed or whatever else the body’s weight rests on.
Observe the sensations in the body; aches or itching or tingling or trembling or whatever else is there……… Just observe.

When there is a very clear sense of this observation without naming, observe thought.
Observe thought without naming or judging or comparing….. Just observe.

When you are simply observing thought without naming or judging or trying to shape in any way, and if the investigation hasn’t happened spontaneously, investigate thought.
What is thought? What is its nature?

Don’t use a single second-hand answer, whether from the most revered teacher, your own past or anyone else’s statements.
Ask the question and then just observe what happens next.

If you truly ask and don’t answer from memory you will discover the true nature of thought – it will be revealed.
This cannot be over-emphasized…… if you don’t accept a single second-hand answer then there will be revelation.

Now any question can be asked and the truth discovered.
What is suffering? What am I? Who am I? What is time? What is love?


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  2. Nice ... and open.
    I like that.

  3. Just out of curiosity, how did you learn about this form of inquiry? This is something I discovered very recently by accident. Then I remembered that you had written this blog post. I haven't fully figured it out, but this is very powerful, very exciting.

  4. One more thing... really, ANY question can be asked?