Wednesday, October 20, 2010

negative emotions

Below is a list of negative emotions.

All negative emotions are caused by believing untrue ideas.

See if you can discover the untrue ideas behind each.
If you do this, insight should arise and you'll discover a new energy emerging.

# Negative and forceful

* Anger
* Annoyance
* Contempt
* Disgust
* Hate
* Irritation

# Negative and not in control

* Anxiety
* Embarrassment
* Fear
* Helplessness
* Powerlessness
* Worry

# Negative

* Doubt
* Envy
* Frustration
* Guilt
* Shame

# Negative and passive

* Boredom
* Despair
* Disappointment
* Hurt
* Sadness

# Agitation

* Stress
* Shock
* Tension

Q: Are you saying that a "realized being" doesnt get angry, or cries ?
Is that really true ?

I don't subscribe to the idea of realised beings.
That would be a story about the future.
Stories are not truth, and the future does not exist.
There's either clarity or not, moment by moment.

And yes, when there's clarity there's no anger, or any of the other so-called 'negative' emotions.


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  2. I see each of these emotions rests on a supposition of should or shouldn't, one way or another.