Wednesday, October 6, 2010

thought/feeling and the ending of time

Thought is as central to human life as breathing is.
Ask a question, and if it’s important enough, thought will tirelessly seek an answer.
Thought found a way to put a man on the moon.
Thought can find the means to feed and clothe us all.

BUT if you ask thought a wrong question then thought can get stuck in an endless loop.

Thought brought many of us to the seeking of enlightenment.
We experienced suffering and we sought a solution – “how can I avoid suffering in the future?”
This is a wrong question and the beginning of an endless loop.

The body doesn’t differentiate between a thought and reality.
If we imagine a stressful experience in the future, the body chemistry responds as if the experience is actually happening.
If athletes imagine themselves running a race, the body responds and sends the same chemicals around the body just as it would if the race was actually being run.

So thought creates an image of me in the future and believes in it’s creation due to the feelings experienced while projecting the future.
Thought then tries to seek security for that future me.
Now thought is caught in a loop.
The future me doesn’t exist, so thought is trying to solve a non-existant problem.

This sometimes leads people to believe that thought is the problem, then thought gets stuck in a loop trying to end thought.

And all that’s truly needed, is to realise the nature of thought/feeling, and see that the future doesn’t exist.
There is no me suffering in the future that needs saving!

This is the ending of time.

And if you investigate even deeper, you'll see that there's no me in the present either!

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